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Joey crane

Joey crane (assembling, movement-type simple crane)

Loading, loading and unloading to a truck, die installation, disassembly to an injection molding machine
For installation, disassembly of the weight work to a machine tool, cargo work of the assembling work…
Setting example

Low price

For a few expenses, I can introduce the crane device of the wish.

Cancellation of the crane waiting

Idle time of the crane waiting prevent it and can carry out a necessary activity when it is necessary.

Movement is convenient simply, and it is safe

As the caster with brakes is equipped with, I can easily move to the necessary place and can fix the crane at predetermined position.
In addition, the work the outdoors is possible as I can move with hanging work.

*The movement that hung work takes down work as much as possible to the bottom, and please go in a stable state. Please apply caster brakes by all means at time except moving time.

Abundant model constitution

As for the standard type, a chain block is with manual operation, but the installation of the electric motor block is possible, too. (option)
In addition, I produce the special dimensions product except the stock size.

The dismantling, transference is easy

Or and as it is sectional, easily dismantle it on the transference to other factories when I became needless I can transport it. (assembling and dismantling time: with two for approximately 30 minutes)


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