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Company profile

Representative greetings

Representative director Katsu Kimura light
I am usually granted particular favor with all of you more and am very grateful.
The sakaniwa industry reduced the burden on people who engaged in factory work consistently since the formation in 1983 and worked on the offer of the product to improve work efficiency.
It is the present when I reach a new century, and several years passed, but is the time to deepen confusion by a still global economic depression. I am convinced with our product helping all of you by all means simply because it is such time and design it from development in the company and produce it and sell it.
I can provide the product which is more high-grade than a model, and is low-priced other than the product which there was in the a great variety of needs of all of you by performing all in the company, the class. In addition, I make use of "the technique" that I cultivated until now and realize the superior stability and high stiffness, operability by us's original method of construction and consider the labor security satellite.
I would like more patronage of, support in future as it becomes all company bullets and I am safe and wrestle for the offer of the product to promise high efficiency for.
                               Representative director Katsu Kimura light

Company profile

Company namesakaniwa industry
The location
■The head office and factory
〒370-0313 90-3, Nittasorimachicho, Ota-shi, Gunma
TEL. 0276-20-8551 (main) /FAX. 0276-20-8552
■West Japan Office
〒570-0011 3-52-14, Kindacho, Moriguchi-shi, Osaka
TEL. 06-4252-7538 (main) /FAX. 06-4252-7539
RepresentativeRepresentative director Katsu Kimura light
The establishment dateJanuary, 1991
Capital12 million yen
Duties contents・ machine manufacturing industry (including a slide shelf, a simple crane, an inversion device, the weight shelf)
The number of employeesTen people
Gunma Bank Nitta Branch
aio credit association Nitta Branch
Kiryu Shinkin Bank Takabayashi Branch
Main business partners
G net
Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd.
Matsumoto industry
Katsuyama Kikai

Company history

April, 1983Metal parts manufacturing, overall welding are mainly founded
January, 1991I am reorganized for capital 3 million yen by the corporation
February, 1998I design "abolished plastic gen*ki" and develop it and it produces it and begins to sell it
March, 2002Assembling, movement-type simple crane, sliding shelf, 90 degrees anti-turning point, clamp with magnet, production, beginning to sell
January, 2003I move the headquarters factory
April, 2007I am reorganized for capital 12 million yen by the company
February, 2008
February 29 Gunma TV business journal hot scramble
Product made in sakaniwa industry
■Joey crane ■Slide rack ■Die inversion device introduction
December, 2009I acquire the technique of the drive mechanism in the Gunma manufacturing one 1 technology inversion device
January, 2010A product develops an extension model crane
March, 2010A product develops the fixed rack for the coil
June, 2010Extension model crane coil rack fixation type production, beginning to sell (plan)

Traffic access

An address: 〒 370-0313 90-3, Nittasorimachicho, Ota-shi, Gunma

▼Please feel free to contact us

 Inquiry foam is this
TEL. +81-276-20-8551
sakaniwa industry
■The head office and factory
Nittasorimachicho, Ota-shi, Gunma
TEL. 0276-20-8551 (main)
FAX. 0276-20-8552
■West Japan Office
Kindacho, Moriguchi-shi, Osaka
TEL. 06-4252-7538 (main)
FAX. 06-4252-7539
・ machine manufacturing industry
(including a slide shelf, a simple crane, an inversion device, the weight shelf)
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