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He/she thinks of the introduction of the slide shelf, and leave it to me to [sakaniwa industry].
I realize safety in an original method of construction if high quality.
A full slide shelf is the specialized maker of the simple crane, inversion device, and perform all from development to design and fabrication, sale in us, and the sakaniwa industry of Ota-shi, Gunma can provide the product which is more high-grade than a model other than the class, and is low-priced; is * in us I return a ttekita technology to all of you and want to contribute to efficiency and the safe securing of duties.
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If ask for the design and development of the high-quality anti-turning point; to [sakaniwa industry]

Please refer to [sakaniwa industry] if you intend to ask for a design and the development of the die inversion machine. I cope with an expense and a function, consultation of the short delivery date flexibly to accept sale by company consistency from the development of the anti-turning point. 
In addition, I realized safer quality and safety in an original method of construction that I cultivated by company consistency since it was founded as a specialized maker of the machine manufacturing industry in 1983. As I send a high-quality die inversion machine for low price, company you want, please talk about an anti-turning point.
sakaniwa industry
■The head office and factory
Nittasorimachicho, Ota-shi, Gunma
TEL. 0276-20-8551 (main)
FAX. 0276-20-8552
■West Japan Office
Kindacho, Moriguchi-shi, Osaka
TEL. 06-4252-7538 (main)
FAX. 06-4252-7539
・ machine manufacturing industry
(including a slide shelf, a simple crane, an inversion device, the weight shelf)
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