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Mug Neff leak lamp

Mug Neff leak lamp

For rationalization of the plastic die-casting die exchange…

The installation work of the die is largely speedup

I can cope with a die-based thickness change in one-touch. In addition, as a magnet is made to adsorb a block by the machine side, we do not have to worry to drop a block at the time of clamp clamping, and the installation work of the die is comfortable at all and can provide speed.
The clamp is maintained with of the spring by the volt department when it becomes the specifications with a predetermined spring even if I loosen a bolt at the time of model exchange a little and does not fall even if I turn lengthwise. Therefore, I get space between a die and can change the die without desorbing a clamp.
I recommend the use of the spring to things more than MFC16-150.

Selectable two types

As even if loosened (type A: an exclusion and adding type) and the bolt that it was possible for the exclusion and adding of the body just to have loosened a bolt a little, a body was caught on a bolt, and prepared with (type B: a hanger type) that we did not have to worry about to drop below; of the worker think, and have a choice in total.


I spread and display it in a click
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