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New background damper

New background damper

Automatic withdrawal device of the product in the palette
Setting example

Improvement of the labor security hygiene

By hands is safe, and help improvement of the safe hygiene including the prevention of low back pain of workers by moving it, and automating work.

Efficiency up of the withdrawal

I pay it, and large speedup of the work is possible. In addition, as the movement is sundoshiki; at an angle of the option can stop, and the withdrawal by the small quantity is possible, too. Besides, the appointed place can brush you off surely as it is with a shot.


I can simplify the movement to the necessary place if I make (option) with the caster. In addition, I make (option) with the lifter, and the withdrawal to the high place is possible, too.

It supports special specifications

It supports the special shape and size including the liquid container and round shape palette quickly.


I spread and display it in a click
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