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Mold mate

Mold mate (180 degrees automatic inversion device)

For the 180 degrees inversion of a die, a coil, the large weight product…
Setting example

The metal setting side is machine finish

As for the aspect to set up a die and a machine part, the machine finish with the Plano mirror is performed for the purpose of protection of the important work.

With simple structure, high torque maintenance-free is low-priced

By use of electric gyadomota and the adoption of the unique new chain hall method, I achieved simple structure for high torque without using the oil pressure. Therefore, I reduced a burden on workers without minding trouble and the oil leak of the oil pressure valve even in the case of use for a long term and realized the low price that was better to the needs in the times.


Very space-saving in circulately moving it, and turning over that the inversion board was based on a pivot point.

Triple safety device

The triple safety device using a double limit switch and the stubborn stopper prevents an overturn. Even if the first step limit breaks down, the second step limit switch operates and a warning buzzer informs the trouble of the first step limit by any chance. In addition, it is interlocked if I set a safe lock lever at the time of 90 degrees inversion, and the body may not begin to move even if I push the operation button by mistake. In addition, I incorporate the short circuit breaker.

Abundant model constitution

I do the correspondence of the offer of the low-priced article by the most suitable design to big user of waste in the sealed pattern. In addition, the rich option group meeting a movable die support and a durable coil bolster, a request of users including the roller conveyer installation that I can install in the line prepares.


I spread and display it in a click
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