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Slider C series

Slider C series

It is for weight product (die, jig, others) storing
It is most suitable for the place where sho, whist without whist facilities does not reach!

Improvement of the work environment

As the ceiling shelf slides, I can make the most of the height, too and can plan the utilization of dead spaces of the wall side and corner region of the factory. I have a remarkable effect with a boost, the cart of the work for improvement of work environment and the takeoff speed to receive it, and to be able to perform the transportation to a machine speedily.

Abundant chain block (motor block) constitution

500 kg use is supplied with hand-operated chain block and purentorori. In addition, I attach a thing of the designation to a hand-operated chain block, the electric motor block.
The slide shelf body and the chain block flame department with the bolt up is sectional.

Full slide shelf (the motor block installation is possible with an option, too.) with the chain block

With drawer manipulability guarantee

As I support that a slide shelf inclines below, the apron stage frame of the front part begins to move by the power that there is a few it carrying the heavy goods and can draw it lightly so as not to let you feel that you pick up heavy goods.
Therefore, the difference becomes clear when I push a shelf in particular.
Guarantee drawer manipulability
CL series 15 kg
CN series 18 kg
CH series 25 kg
 *But when setting construction is carried out normally.

Catalogue CL/CN series

Three steps of types
I spread and display it in a click (CL/CN three steps)
Four steps of types
I spread and display it in a click (CL/CN four steps)

CL/CN series catalogue PDF downloading

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