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Slider L/N series

Slider L/N series

For the three-dimensional thing storing of a die, a jig, the weight product, safe storage…
Setting example
Setting example

Full slide type

As it is a full slide type to be able to draw a slide shelf to a tail, I can just lift a rear product out of the ring with the product which I put easily back and forth.

L series: Full slide shelf lightweight type (1 shelf 1ton product)
N series: Load type (1 shelf 2ton product) out of the full slide shelf

Shelf board standard features

I put on an iron plate of thickness 2.3mm in the shelf top surface and do not need the purchase separately.

With drawer manipulability guarantee

As I support that a slide shelf inclines below, the apron stage frame of the front part begins to move by the power that there is a few it carrying the heavy goods and can draw it lightly so as not to let you feel that you pick up heavy goods.
Therefore, the difference becomes clear when I push a shelf in particular.
  Guarantee drawer manipulability
L series 15 kg
N series 18 kg
*But when setting construction is carried out normally.

Catalogue L/N series

Three steps of types
I spread and display it in a click (L/N three steps)
Four steps of types
I spread and display it in a click (L/N four steps)
Five steps of types
I spread and display it in a click (L/N five steps)

L/N series, dimensions list PDF downloading

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